Norra Hamnen Hospitality

The hotel development offers a previously non-existing class of hospitality services to both Raseborg and the historical seaside resort of Ekenäs. The renovated historical Crown Warehouse will become the calling card for a new hotel and the focus of the Ekenäs hospitality services.

The hotel development, bordering the new seafront plaza, will provide restaurant and conference facilities, wellness services – including a rooftop infinity-pool – and shops and cafés catering to local residents and visitors alike.


”Sustainable South Coast Wellness”

A hotel cannot thrive on design alone. The Innovation Harbour hospitality concept goes beyond aesthetics and integrates all the constituent elements into a coherent and compelling whole.

With an aim to cater to the relatively untapped potential for tourism, synergy in local retail services and equally under-serviced business travel offering, the main components consist of a coherent and compelling guest experience, an integration of current and future hospitality trends, a marketable location and platform for investors and partners and an alignment with the urban development vision of the town of Ekenäs.

Comprising local history, Finnish design, local food, an internationally recognised cultural offering and an extensive sea-side spa tradition, the historical sea-side town of Ekenäs represents a unique opportunity in Finland for development.

The development strategy helps the hotel ground itself in the local scene, offering a more authentic experience and creating new revenue streams tied to local visitors.


The Innovation Harbour hospitality development offers an opportunity to bring Finnish design, local retail and hospitality closer together.

Ekenäs as a sea-side spa and regional capital, enjoys a long history as a destination for both domestic and international visitors. Historically Ekenäs has provided travellers with a peaceful, safe and experience filled destination for both shorter- and longer-term visits.

Since early 2020 Ekenäs has experience a growing demand for hospitality services, while retaining a relatively modest offering. The Innovation Harbour hospitality development represents a unique opportunity on the Finnish Baltic Coast for new sustainable and attractive tourism, as well as the potential to expand into the market of the relatively un-tapped Western Nyland region.

The numerous features and sights in Raseborg, such as the old town of Ekenäs, the medieval castle of Snappertuna, and the shoppable Finnish design of Fiskars Village and the unique archipelago, offer a rare opportunity to build upon, both literally and figuratively.

Incorporating the historical Ekenäs Crown Granary into a modern full scale hotel, the development proposal offers dedicated spaces for recreation, shops and cafes opening onto the new sea-front piazza in the heart of Ekenäs.


The hotel development can commence in lieu with updating the local master plan. The schedule aims to follow the timetable of the Hanko railway electrification, so that hotel operations can be up and running soon after the completion of the railway upgrade.