By 2030 the Town of Ekenäs in Raseborg is a vigorous and picturesque destination on the Finnish Baltic Coast.

Easily accessible by land and sea, Raseborg is recognised as a prime destination for education, location for business and setting for tourism and cultural events.

The Ekenäs Innovation Harbour development has become the central district of historical Ekenäs while Raseborg as claimed its place as the main hub of regional growth in the Western Uusimaa region.


By 2030 the Ekenäs Town Centre is a lively, growing and attractive location. Outside of the Capital region It has become the single most important urban centre of Western Uusimaa.

The town centre has become a contemporary European “fifteen minute” seaside town, in the best urban tradition. The increase in business, international education offering, tourist services and modern housing is reflected in property values, as well as the number of satellite offices established and businesses re-locating in the area.

A new Campus provides higher education to a growing body of international students.

The upgraded Hanko railway compliments and extends regional and national accessibility. The Port of Hanko offers freight and passenger connections to Sweden and Central Europe.

The historical seaside Town of Ekenäs has become an increasingly attractive location offering all the amenities of larger cities, uniquely fast and reliable digital connections, international events and a globally unique archipelago.

Ekenäs Innovation Harbour company is an independent real-estate development company, founded to help realise the potential of the town of Ekenäs and the development of the City of Raseborg.


With City Rights established in 1546 Ekenäs offers rare investment and business potential. It’s seafront location, significant history and reasonable cost-of-living as a focus point of the Greater Raseborg area, Ekenäs is a natural location for future urban development between the larger growth centres of Helsinki and Turku.

The Ekenäs Innovation Harbour Oy is an independent real-estate development company. Founded in early 2020 our aim is to further economic development in the City of Raseborg town of Ekenäs through the focused urban revitalisation of the former Norra hamnen harbour.

The company is focused on creating a development concept and an operational strategy for the systematic upgrading and sustainable development of the Ekenäs Town Centre, in concert with the aims and goals of the City of Raseborg.

Our aim is to create authentic, sustainable and added value for the local residents, businesses, investors and our partners alike.

In early 2019 we were commissioned to produce an development study for a centrally located property in the centre of Ekenäs.

As a result we created a series development scenarios for the property, in an effort to understand the larger context and development potential of both the property in question as well as the larger area.

Our Story

In 2019, we were commissioned to produce a development study for a noted property in Ekenäs.

During our work the Norra Hamnen harbour, as well as the level of existing services and real-estate development stood out. Against the background of the global shift to teleworking, the strengths of the Ekenäs became evident.

Among those Ekenäs’ excellent sea-front location, regional, national and international connections, vibrant businesses, 14th century history and the natural beauty of the archipelago became evident. Further discussions with city officials led to a greater understanding of the opportunities and local potential and re-affirmed our ideas.

Subsequently we presented our proposal to the Raseborg City Management as a conceptual development scenario and in response to the city’s stated goal of promoting development in Raseborg.

Given the positive feedback we received, we refined our vision and developed a future-oriented concept for the town of Ekenäs and – focusing on the former harbour of Norra Hamnen – developed “The Ekenäs Innovation Harbor.”



Sustainability as defined by the ESG goals of the UN are at the core of Ekenäs Innovation Harbour work and development concepts. We see that Sustainability is more than a buzzword, and a “business imperative”. Sustainability is at the heart our understanding of the future of real estate development. Not only must construction aim to be carbon neutral, it is vital to aim at extensive re-use and adaptation of the existing built environment and urban structure in a manner which integrates and enhances both the built and social context, instead of attempting to replace it.


Sustainability demands an understanding of the value of the existing, and the potential that it the existing context offers, whether social structure, local economy, built environment or natural beauty. Our development concepts are based on this understanding and aim to utilise its potential as well as strengthen the resilience and conditions of local residents, businesses and actors.


Successful urban development relies on identifying, refining and creating value. Setting a goal alone is not enough; there must be a willingness to take action, actively promote development and admit upfront we don’t know everything. This is why relying on partners, partnerships and third-party expertise is a must. Successful implementation of our vision requires the courage to reach further than usual, to think openly, to listen genuinely and to see the potential in others and have the curiosity to seek out those who can help solve a problem.